January 21-25

-We discussed Martin Luther King, Jr (I forgot to check out library books this year, so we just talked about segregation, racism, and the “I have a dream..” speech)  Aidan made an insightful comparison between racism and the Dr Suess movie The Sneetches.  I was telling him he should never judge anyone by their appearance because God made us all to be different.  He said oh, that is like the movie where some Sneetches have stars and the other Sneetches won’t talk to them.

-We watched the Presidential Inauguration for the historical significance…..not a fan of the speech content Sad smile

-A and M watched Wild Kratts: Lost at Sea.

-We read The Mitten and used our printables to act out the story and practice counting with M.  We practiced ordinal numbers with A.  The kids really enjoyed playing with the mitten and animals when we were finished.  A helped M match the pictures with the words.

-A played a Wild Kratts computer came on the PBS Kids website.  The games were neat, but my computer was acting slow and that made them hard to play.


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