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Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord

At Mass on Sunday, Father gave a great homily explaining the Epiphany and the true story of the Magi.  He said Magi is a Greek word meaning “astronomer”.  The Magi may not have been kings but merely members of the King’s court who studied the stars.  Father mentioned that if you closely read the accounts in the Gospels, you notice that the Magi are following the star but then they lose sight of it for awhile before it is visible to them again.  They don’t turn around and return home, however.  Instead they patiently wait at King Herod’s palace for the star to reappear.  We all experience times of darkness in our own lives when we can’t find our direction, but the key is to continue on our path until we can see our star again.  Do we persevere as the Magi did, or do we give up in the face of darkness?