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Valentine’s Week (Feb 11-15)

-What a busy week!  Monday began with our homeschool group Valentine’s Day party.  The kids were so excited to exchange Valentines.  We made Valentine’s Day M&M blondies to share with the group.  The kids had so much fun playing at Clarke Park and picnicking.  Lots of goodies and candy, but lots of good times too Smile

-On Tuesday we went to a Valentines themed story time at the library.  We had a pancake breakfast in honor of Mardi Gras and I tried to eat all of the candy in our house!

-Wednesday was Ash Wednesday so we attended Mass in the morning at St. Luke’s.  A and S behaved well, but M decided she had enough after communion and had to be taken outside during an intense rain storm.  Always an adventure!  We spent a lot of time talking about Lent and the meaning of Ash Wednesday.  A decided he wanted to give up chocolate, although I told him he wasn’t old enough to have to participate.  I decided to give up desserts (AHHHH!) and getting lunch out for the kids during the school week.

-Thursday was St. Valentine’s Day.  We went grocery shopping and had a special steak dinner.  For breakfast I made heart shaped cinnamon rolls with pink icing, strawberry milkshakes, and pin scrambled eggs.  We had a light school day with only Valentine activities.  Aidan did some coloring sheets and a candy heart bar graph.

-Friday was a nice, slow day after a busy week.  We tried to finish up the school work we didn’t get to earlier in the week.  M did some more dot worksheets with a Valentine theme.  She really seems to like them and after we talked about the letter Vv she did a great job finding them on the paper.  We also tried a pattern worksheet, but I am not sure how much she really understood it.  She did like gluing the squares in the correct spot on the paper.  A and T went to the Philadelphia Union game Friday night, and the girls and I had a great shrimp pasta dinner at my parents’ home.